20L per hour max capacity, can mount cooler under bar and tap on top, or leave standing on counter

40L per hour max capacity. 1 2 or 3 taps. Can mount taps on counter and cooler below bar, or keep as a single unit.

Cooler under counter and taps and drip tray mounted to bar. Capacity depends on size of cooler.

Home / Holiday Home Cooler

Low volume electric cooler, pour 2x 500ml beers wait 1 minute and pour the next beer. Ideal for taking on holiday or for having a few beers a day at home. Advantage is no ice needed.

Installing the beer in coldroom far from the tap. Fobstop to prevent wasting beer when changing kegs

Multiple secondary gas regulators to have different different gas pressures on different kegs from the same gas cylinder (ales stouts and lagers usually pour at different gas pressures)

Kegerator: 1 or 2 tap. Beer in Fridge, so longer shelf life, price depends on tower drip tray etc.