Drip Trays

Black drip tray 400mmx230mm

Small Chrome 230mm.150mm

Large chrome 400mmx230mm

plastic drip with stainless inner and cut out

Chrome drip tray with glass washer ( needs water supply) 400mmx400mm

Small Chrome drip tray with glass washer ( 230mmx400mm)

Large Brass drip tray with glass washer 400mmx400mm

Gas Regulators

Co2 gas regulator

German Regulator and Guard

Secondary Gas regulator co2

Co2/n2 Gas regulator ( beer in Fridge, or some Ale’s and Stouts)


Brass and chrome long and short handle

Long shank taps for kegerator also available


SAB and most micro breweries


(Amstel, Windhoek, Heineken, Stella, Jack Black)

Guinness& Kilkenny

A-type ( some mikro brews and Ciders)

John Guest fittings- JG fittings (UK)

Never use a clamp again, all quick fit and  quick release connectors

Logo Disk

Brass / Chrome

Cleaning System

Includes tap brush tap spanner and cleaning solution

Coldplates (380mm x 240mm)

1 Line Coldplate

2 Line Coldplate

3 Line Coldplate

Tube Cutter

Tap brush. Tap spanner, universal tap seal kit ( Vinserve, Celli, Toff, and Talos Taps) and food grade lubricant

Corny keg Ball lock and pin lock disconnects


Gas Regulator stem and nut

Gas regulator Gauge replacements

2kg co2 gas ( pour 4x50L kegs ) or 5kg ( pour 10x50L kegs)